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General Health Examination

May 6, 2016

AltCare Health Center is offering a health examination to existing and new patients. This exam will include: height, weight, blood pressure, pulse, respiration, blood oxygen %, and spinal screening. All this for 49.00! Optional is a blood sugar and cholesterol test for an additional 49.00. These are not competitive prices, they are slashed prices!

If you have not had a wellness examination recently or would like to check in with yourself about your stats, call the office today at 708.848.9900 for an appointment.

Proper Lifting Technique to Avoid Low-Back Pain

May 7, 2014

Using incorrect lifting techniques can cause injury resulting in sudden and severe pain. Without a doubt, this type of injury can almost always be prevented if proper lifting techniques had been used.

Never bend over at the waist to lift something; in fact you should make it a habit not to bend over at the waist at all because this will put unnecessary stress on your lower back. Bending at the waist alone can cause an acute episode of low back pain. Minimize the risk of injury and damage using the following lifting technique:

  • Immediately before you lift and right after you are done lifting you want to stand upright and bend backward five or six times. This ensures that any distortion in the curve of your lower back is worked out.
  • Stand close to the object you are going to lift. Don’t have your feet together; use a shoulder width stance for balance and support.
  • Bend at the knees, keeping your back straight, until you can comfortably get your hands under the object.
  • Keep the object as close to your body as you can so you are not extending your reach. Extending your reach will put pressure on your lower back even if you are bent at the knees.
  • Lean back slightly, this will help with your balance. Straighten up using the muscles in your legs to lift yourself up and using a smooth, steady motion.
  • If the object is very heavy, lift it to your knees and rest it there before straightening up.
  • To turn with the load in your arms, use your feet. In other words, do not twist your torso.
Of special concern to me are those who have already developed recurring back problems. It is my practice to always advise these patients to seek help when lifting. I know this is not always possible. It is important that you develop a proper lifting technique even when you have help.

In addition to using a proper lifting technique, it is also important to work on your core muscles such as your abdominals and gluteals to develop a strong lower back. Consciously implementing this type of lifting technique and developing a strong core has the potential to make a pronounced difference in your life particularly if you suffer from chronic lower back pain. For more information about core strengthening contact the AltCare office at (708) 848-9900.

Sciatica and Chiropractic Care

April 17, 2014

The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body. It originates in the spinal cord and runs down through the buttocks and into the leg to the foot. Sometimes, a trauma can occur. The trauma may not be severe or even noticeable, but it causes pressure on the sciatic nerve, which then radiates down into the leg or foot. Due to the size of the nerve, this is extremely painful and can make walking, sitting, standing, and lying down painful.

Symptoms include pain in lower back, pain weakness and numbness in buttock, legs, and feet. The feeling of “pins and needles” and having difficulty in moving the lower portion of the body are also the symptoms of sciatica. Pain is generally present in both the lower back region and legs, but may be in the buttock, thigh, leg, or foot only.

There are various treatment procedures for sciatica depending on the situation. Some patients feel relieved by medication only, while some patients require surgery. While medication helps in relieving pain, it cannot resolve the problem if the pain is caused by structural imbalance. Medication may also have some side effects on the body. Surgery can resolve this problem but it is a complicated procedure with a long recovery.

If the pain is caused by structural compression of the sciatic nerve, then a chiropractic adjustment is the better way to get relief from pain. It is a natural procedure and does not cause any side effects. Multiple session of chiropractic adjustment can relieve a person of sciatic pain and the effects of this treatment can be immediate. Unlike medicines, the effects of chiropractic treatment are long lasting. The process may be gradual, but with proper sessions of chiropractic adjustment, permanent relief from pain is achieved.

Chiropractic treatment is a natural and reliable method for treating Sciatica, and ensures long lasting effect. A person experiencing pain should call for a consultation with Dr. Haugh.

Top 4 Reasons Your Health Might Be Deteriorating
April 7, 2014

eye It seems we have many things to blame for our deteriorating health. We have our less than stellar genetics, our chronological age, and other “unknown factors”. However, these are not the main reasons our health is going downhill, and it’s time to reveal the main culprits.

Lack of enzymes

Enzymes are one of the most essential elements in the body. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to breathe, swallow, drink, eat, or digest your food. Enzymes are required to help perform these tasks, and therefore, are a necessity to live.

Eighty percent of our energy is expended through the digestive process. If you are run down, stressed, living in a very hot or cold climate, pregnant, or a frequent air traveler, then enormous amounts of extra enzymes are required by the body. Unfortunately, as we age our organs responsible for producing our digestive enzymes become less efficient. Combine this with our obsession with “dead” and genetically altered food that causes free radical damage, and you quickly deplete your body’s ability to produce enzymes. Many researchers now view the aging process and death as nothing more than depleted enzyme levels, which have reached the point where the body can no longer be repaired and maintained in its current environment.

Not enough probiotics

Our bodies contain ten times more bacteria than cells. This discovery neatly revealed the emphasis we need to put behind beneficial probiotics in order to maintain a healthy body. Probiotics literally mean “for life”, and help immune cells fight disease, assist digestion, and provide nutrients for building blood. They also help clean your liver, which is your primary mechanism to remove toxins. Our diets have become seriously deficient in probiotics due to agricultural practices (chemicals, zero tilling), processed foods, and a general lack of quality produce in our diet. As a result, we suffer from bad bacterial overgrowth, which severely compromises the immune system and your ability to fight off any foreign invaders or infections.

Deficient in vitamins and minerals

In a study from the University of Texas that was published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, nutritional data was studied from the USDA from both 1950 and 1999 for 43 different vegetables and fruits, and it was found that “reliable declines” were present in the amount of protein, calcium, phosphorous, iron, riboflavin and vitamin C. The Organic Consumers Association also cites data that analyzed nutrients from 1975 to 1997 and found that calcium levels in 12 fresh vegetables dropped 27 percent, iron levels 37 percent, vitamin A levels 21 percent, and vitamin C levels 30 percent. A lack of vitamins and minerals will cause all kinds of disease processes, because without them our body lacks the nutrients required to build and repair blood, tissues, muscles, and bones.

Burdened liver from toxic overload

Our food, water, and air have been assaulted through various chemicals and processes, and as a result, we have been inundated at every level with a toxic burden to bear. Not only that, but personal care products and medical procedures and products (x-rays, dental amalgams, prescriptions) have also added to this burden. In a perfect world, our liver would be able to handle the toxins we take in and properly dispatch them so they do not bio-accumulate in the body. However, our liver has been inundated and rendered inefficient, and as a result it can’t execute that task with any efficiency. As a result, our toxic burden in not alleviated properly, or worse, it continues unabated if we choose to not eat and drink clean, and in a way that naturally detoxifies us on a daily basis.

There is no shortage of reasons your health is deteriorating, but if you focus on improving these areas, your health will improve.

Free Massage

April 3, 2014

I wanted you to know immediately about a new offer that will bring you relaxation and the satisfaction that making someone else’s life better can bring.

For each and every person who comes in as a new chiropractic patient resulting from a referral you made, you will receive a free hour massage. This offer will never expire!

If you have been happy with services you’ve received at AltCare Heath Center, spread the news. Referral aren’t easy. I appreciate your effort and want to reward those who are successful.

Use them right away or accumulate them. (At no extra charge, we can provide a gift certificate to give your massage to someone of your choosing). It’s a win-win-win all the way around.

And don’t forget to come in for a check-up yourself. It benefits your health and sense of well being!

Cheryl E. Haugh, DC, MEd.

Welcome To Our New Website

April 5, 2011

And welcome to the new home of AltCare Health Center.

I have some exciting news to share with you. We have completely redesigned and retooled our website! We want to better serve you by reflecting all our services and provide a more communicative presence on the web.

This is where you come in.

If you haven’t yet seen the website, now is your opportunity to peruse the pages and watch the introductory video. You can also buy a copy of Chiropractic Revolution which I wrote for present and future patients and friends of AltCare.

If you are a current patient and have not been to the office for a while, use the appointment request page to set a visit. If you are new to chiropractic or our office and have a nagging pain that doesn’t go away, call or email us an appointment request. will be linked to Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-in, so friend us, follow us and connect with us for up to the minute information about your care, your health, happenings at our office and in the healthcare industry. Your feedback will ensure we not only provide you the best possible experience, but also a service that continues to reflects our values and our mission.

Cheryl E. Haugh, D.C., M.Ed.

Choosing To Live Your Full Potential

April 5, 2011

We are sometimes only as healthy as we are expected to be by our peers, family and doctors.

But there is more. Only you create the limits or boundless possibility for your own life. We have the capacity to change our lives dramatically. But it takes belief, knowledge, understanding, prioritizing, commitment and consistency.

The difference between education and training is application of knowledge. The acquisition of knowledge becomes relevant only to the extent we use it. The rest is purely academic and we so easily get swept into the culture of the time rather than what we truly want and need for ourselves. Let it be our own choice. Let us grab it and own it and keep it as simple as possible to achieve our aspirations.

Only 15% of Americans are realizing their full potential physically, emotionally, mentally and/or spiritually. That leaves 85% available to change and improve. But the goal is not a fixed point in the future. It is a process that you start today; this minute. You do not have to be convinced or committed. You only have to be open and willing to follow your curiosity about what is possible. It would be great to have fun while we get healthier because yesterday will never be tomorrow and this moment is all that is.

Just start!

Let AltCare be a part of your new beginning. We treat the whole person and provide information and support for many lifestyle improvements including regular adjustments, therapeutic massage, nutritional guidance, homeopathy, exercise and fitness and individual and couple’s counseling.

Cheryl E. Haugh, D.C., M.Ed.

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