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“I have been a patient of Dr. Haugh’s for over 12 years. After a rough introduction to Chiropractic care, a friend recommended Dr. Haugh. I much prefer her gentle yet very effective manipulation. When appropriate, Dr. Haugh uses deep tissue massage, acupressure or ultrasound to help relieve discomfort. With a background in medical illustration, Dr. Haugh brings a deeper understanding of the anatomy of the human body to her practice. She has not only helped relieve pain in my mid back, but in my hips and IT band as well. Dr. Haugh is a goddess.”

Julie P., Oak Park, IL

“Fifteen years ago I was in a car accident and had a classic case of whiplash. I was treated by an emergency room physician and given muscle relaxers, pain relief medication, and a neck brace. I was told to follow up with a neurologist. Frustrated with living on pills, I sought the advice of Dr. Cheryl Haugh. She has been treating me even since. During my first visit, she spent thirty minutes asking me questions before she even manipulated my neck and back. Cheryl exclusively sees one patient at a time and you barely sit down in the waiting room before you are called in for treatment. I now see her twice a month for “tune-ups” and although I have herniated and bulging disks, she is able to manage my pain without medication. Dr. Haugh has also become my primary care taker. She writes scripts for tests and advises where to go if I need a specialist. She is not just a chiropractor—she is a total wellness and preventative doctor.”

Rebecca G., Oak Park, IL

“Working in customer service (a highly stressful job) and cradling the phone for hours on end had created a pain in the neck (literally). A friend mentioned Dr. Cheryl Haugh at AltCare Health Center. Not knowing what to expect, I called to book an appointment. A friendly voice (Sharon) answered the call. When I arrived, the reception area was warm and inviting, filled with lots of magazines, plants and natural light. The treatment I received From Dr. Haugh was fantastic, centering on wellness, natural healing, and self -care. I walked out of the office standing straighter, pain-free and happy that I chose the right office for care. I have continued to visit (as needed) for years, and highly recommend you visit AltCare Health Center.”

Joy C., Forest Park, IL

“When I first went to Altcare I really didn’t have much hope. I’d had back/sciatic issues since I was 34. I am now 61, I’ve been diagnosed with stenosis, degenerated discs and arthritis in my spine. After my last MRI I was told to consult a neurosurgeon. Being a devout coward where surgery is concerned, I opted to try alternative therapy. Strangely enough, Dr. Haugh was recommended by a friend who hadn’t even been to see her! She had heard by “word of mouth” that the Doctor was very good. I believe I made an appointment that day. Immediately upon arriving at Altcare I felt at ease. The surroundings are very pleasant and I was made to feel like I was part of the family. The Doctor and I discussed my particulars that first meeting and set up a schedule. Doctor Haugh is the type of individual who will really listen to what you have to say, not jumping to premature conclusions. Her treatments are all designed specifically for YOUR well-being, not generalized for the masses. If there is a change in your condition, she will catch it before you do! Over the past two years I have been able to remain mobile and have much less discomfort then before our acquaintance. I would not trade her strong but soothing ministrations for those of any other. I highly recommend Dr. Cheryl Haugh and Altcare Health Center.”

Joe T., Berwyn, IL

“I had suffered from pain in my shoulder for about 20 years. The right one was particularly bad and I came for treatment from Dr. Haugh. That was a year ago. The pain has never returned. I have Parkinson’s Disease and my feet are very much involved. In fact if I had to choose a body part most troubled by the disease, I would have to say it is my right foot. Through weekly treatments Dr. Haugh has given my foot comfort. I have serious doubts that I would be able to walk today if it wasn’t for her intervention over the past two years.”

Maureen F., Westchester, IL

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