If there has been trauma or injury, rehabilitation starts immediately with simple stretching. The doctor performs most of the work necessary in treatment while the patient passively receives it. As the client begins to experience relief and feels more confident in their ability to move, stretches are combined with light exercise that gradually increase in time and weight until pre-injury function is once again attained.

Rehabilitation through exercise is essential to treatment for two reasons:

  • If movement is not a part of healing from the beginning, the chance that the healing tissue will adhere to surrounding tissue is heightened and, if not prevented, causes permanent stiffness and pulling.
  • Without regaining muscle tone and strength to and around the injured area, the chance of further injuring that area is probable.

Instruction in proper performance of stretching, strengthening and corrective action are provided in a one to one setting with a licensed physical therapist who will tailor a program of rehabilitation and exercise to your needs.

Sue Moelter, Advanced Fitness Specialist is the rehabilitation provider for AltCare Health Center. She was trained at University of Illinois at Chicago and is a physical trainer.