April 5, 2011

Choosing To Live Your Full Potential

We are sometimes only as healthy as we are expected to be by our peers, family and doctors.

But there is more. Only you create the limits or boundless possibility for your own life. We have the capacity to change our lives dramatically. But it takes belief, knowledge, understanding, prioritizing, commitment and consistency.

The difference between education and training is application of knowledge. The acquisition of knowledge becomes relevant only to the extent we use it. The rest is purely academic and we so easily get swept into the culture of the time rather than what we truly want and need for ourselves. Let it be our own choice. Let us grab it and own it and keep it as simple as possible to achieve our aspirations.

Only 15% of Americans are realizing their full potential physically, emotionally, mentally and/or spiritually. That leaves 85% available to change and improve. But the goal is not a fixed point in the future. It is a process that you start today; this minute. You do not have to be convinced or committed. You only have to be open and willing to follow your curiosity about what is possible. It would be great to have fun while we get healthier because yesterday will never be tomorrow and this moment is all that is.

Just start!

Let AltCare be a part of your new beginning. We treat the whole person and provide information and support for many lifestyle improvements including regular adjustments, therapeutic massage, nutritional guidance, homeopathy, exercise and fitness and individual and couple’s counseling.

Cheryl E. Haugh, D.C., M.Ed.